Zack, Kat & Kaz


Baby Loves Tacos was born out of a dream to craft awesome experiences--flavorful, nourishing meals, fuel to carry you through the journey ahead. 

We sold our home in Philadelphia & moved to Pittsburgh. What started as a leap of faith; a gut feeling that the city where I was born would welcome our little family home, has turned into something more than we could have imagined...

15 years opening & operating restaurants has informed a unique perspective & inspired a clear vision for a progressive, civic-minded, sustainable business. We recognize that building relationships & careers are just as important as building great food. 

Our operation will be invigorated by service commitments & working with outreach organizations. People make businesses great & communities vibrant. We hope to provide opportunities to teach, learn, & grow.

The best rewards in life come from service

Every Body Eats.